This is my first home buying experience here in Abilene and I have to say that I was more than impressed with River. He was polite, professional, and more that willing to stop and answer questions or concerns. He even let me borrow his flashlight when I crawled into the attic. I will definitely recommend him and your company if asked!!!   Joel Cox

We were very impressed with Felipe! He was very thorough with his inspection and took the time to answer all of the questions I had. We also received our inspection report in a timely manner. He was very courteous to me and my family. Great experience! Billy Swor

I highly recommend you personally for inspections on anyone’s homes. If I find out that someone is trying to buy a house and are going to go through an inspection I will definitely turn them your way. Not only do you do the inspection well, you explain things to people like me who don’t understand the mechanical lingo of how things work and tell me what is important to get fixed.
I thank you so much for doing all three of my home inspections in the past year and a half. Have a blessed day. Doris Bourn

Thank you. You were so knowledgeable and great to work with. We appreciate it and will definitely make referrals. Diana Wilson

Thanks for the quick turnaround! Jean-Luc

I was very satisfied with Felipe. He was very thorough and knowledgeable. Thank you. Curtis Whaley

Felipe was very thorough, pleasant and courteous. Knowledgeable as well. Good job. Curtis & Susan

Thank you!!! Your home inspection services, customer service and communication are outstanding!!!!
I truly appreciate the way you made the inspection process simple, quick and the communication was quick and clear. I would recommend your inspection company to everyone I know!
Thank you again Jeremy Peters

Thank you, David for doing such a thorough and professional inspection. I don’t feel like anything was missed and I feel better about our decision with this property. We have some things to do to make it better, but knowing what we need to do is half the battle. You can be sure I would recommend your company to anyone who asks! D MacKinlay

Thanks so much for your inspection of my prospective property. It was the first time I had the time (minus realtor) to get a good look at the property with the neutral view of someone who knew what they were looking at. The inspection revealed many things I did not know about the property as well as clarifying things that I had already seen. We do really appreciate your thorough and unbiased inspection. Doug & Vanessa

So far your company has saved us from buying 2 money pits! I am extremely satisfied with how thorough your inspections have been for us. Thank you so much for being an awesome inspection service. Kent

Mr. Cruz did a terrific job and was very knowledgeable. He was very accommodating, answered all my questions and showed me any item I asked about. He was very knowledgeable as far as housing codes and knew what he was looking for. I would recommend him to my friends who may be moving here. Glenn Power

I was completely satisfied, and quite impressed with David’s inspection. Especially with the stove. I would have never thought to check that it worked? I will definitely refer any business I can to you. Much thanks, John A Derr

I appreciate the thorough job David did with his inspection. The great verbal walk through before the written report and the excellent written report. I would highly recommend David to anyone that ask. Darlene Tankersley

David was very nice and professional. My husband and I are first time home buyers and David took the time to explain everything and if there was a problem he gave me possible solutions. He was very thorough with his inspection. I would definitely recommend! – Z Brown

David inspected my personal home back in 2014. I thought highly of him then and now that I’ve had the privilege of my clients getting to get a quality inspection too, it’s made me like him even more. Great guy. Very thorough!! – K Kimbrell

David Renner, general home inspector or human X-ray machine for houses? Renner’s timely, thorough and easy-to-comprehend report certainly opened our eyes to what we were about to buy! First, Renner came highly recommended to us from another home inspector who used to work in Abilene and not from some real estate agent or banker trying to make a sell. Second, Renner opened his schedule up for us when he learned the seller was conveniently going on vacation during our option period. Like any good detective with magnifying glass in hand, Renner closely examined the house top to bottom, inside and out. His report provided photos with descriptions of all the faults and flaws, and he gave it to us within hours – the same day as the home inspection. We used that report to show electrician and general contractor friends of ours to receive their input on repair estimates. Based on Renner’s report alone, they were able to quickly estimate that the repair costs would certainly exceed 5% of the purchase price of the home. More than that, based on what we saw in the photos, like a roof with no trusses, we could see the house was not worth the hassle. It was evident to us that the house was constructed as cheaply as possible with many short cuts and mistakes made during the process. Renner remained the pillar of professionalism throughout the entire process. He didn’t need to say a word or offer any personal opinion on the house. All that needed to be said was said in his report with captioned photos. Thank you Renner for revealing the bones of the house to us, thereby savings us from that money pit. I feel sorry for home buyers who don’t perform a home inspection before buying. If you’re buying a home in Abilene, do your wallet a favor and use Renner. – L Harnden

Renner is easily the top inspector in the Abilene area. He inspected a flipped home I was considering purchasing (my first home) and spent more than 3 hours THOUROUGHLY inspecting every inch of the home, providing information about code and proper home building along the way. The level of professionalism is unsurpassed and exceeded my expectations in almost every aspect. The quality of the report and pictures provided are amazing! I received the straightforward report the same day and have yet to find any mistakes or missing information. Renner also put up with my incessant questioning; answering everything I wished to know, leaving me to walk away with newfound knowledge of maintaining a home. I highly recommend Renner and trust his services completely. If you want to walk away with confidence in a home use Renner! – D Weston

Thank you sir for coming out and inspecting our place!!! – B Smurphat

The inspection was excellent, very thorough. Explained every item and did a spectacular job- I would highly recommend! – C Armstrong

Excellent! Very professional! – P Redman